MAG TTS710 semi auto stainless steel fullheight turnstile can achieve maximum accesssecurity control. Users are not able to crawlunderneath or climb over to gain unauthorizedaccess into premise. Full height turnstile caneffective control single pass through each time.

TTS710 is built with high quality material towithstand outdoor usage for years to come.

The housing is made of high quality stainless steel,and all the internal parts are with antirust andantiseptic treatment to achieve high level ofdurability.

Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional oruni-directional.

Easy integration with any third party access controlor ticketing via dry contact interface. TTS710 willunlock and allow arm rotation upon receiving validdry contact from electronic access system.

If arm is rotated more than half, it will automaticallyfall forward to complete the rotation.

When the arm is locked, it will be able to sustainresistant force 70kg to restrain from unauthorizedforce open attempt.

Anti-tailgating. Smart lock mechanism uses limitswitch to detect rotation and effectively re-lock backafter arm has been rotated more than half.

During power failure the system will unlock thearms. User can manually push the arms for freepassage. This allows convenient evacuation ofpeople inside the premise.

Memory function. Memory will record the sequenceof passing (same or opposite direction). Passingrequest will be executed according to the sequencerecorded.

TTS 700 Catalogue