MAG TTS 470 Motorized

TTS470 is a fully automatic tripod turnstile that isdesign for heavy traffic or public mass transportationsuch as bus or train station.

TTS470 is using highduty cycle brushless DC motor and robustmechanical gear system to cater continuous non- stop pedestrian traffic during peak hours. TTS470 is equiped with more advance controlsystem to accommodate rough usage and forcepass through attempts.

TTS470 is an innovative pedestrian controltechnology that designed to achieve best balance ofquality performance and affordability.

TTS470 is ideal indoor solution for game park, busstation, train station, stadium or any site with hightraffic flow.

Minimum maintenance.

Used brushless DC motor eliminate the need ofchanging carbon brush thus reducing maintenancework. Key internal parts is treated with anti-rust andanti-septic to ensure long term reliability.

Heavy duty

All internal gear and mechanism is extra harden tocater for application with high traffic flow. Armsupport buffer rotation to protect motor from beingdamaged during vandalism attempt to turn the arm by force.

Easy Intergration

All these input or output interface make it easy tointegrate with external system such as ticketing oraccess control.

Anti Tailgating

Arm will automatic look back after each passes toavoid second person following from back.

Emergency Recovery

During power failure, arm will drop downautomatically to allow free pass through.

TTS470 Catalogue