MAG TTS311 is an electro mechanical turnstile. Itsunique mechanical drive design allows the arm to bepushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without anyexpensive electric motor.

MAG TTS311 can effectively control high volumehuman traffic (up to 25 people per minute) while stillmaintaining a welcoming atmosphere. They caneasily be integrated with any electronic system forticketing, ESD, RFID access control or timeattendance.

Mechanical drive unit eliminate the use of expensiveelectric motor and reduce maintenance cost. Lockmechanism is based on heavy duty solenoid toensure longer life time and lesser maintenance.

Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional oruni-directional. Built in acrylic plate for easyintegration with other devices.

If arm rotate more than half, It will auto-rotate to thenext idle position If arm rotated less than half, it willauto-rotate back to the current idle position. Built inadjustable tension spring to control auto-rotate forceof arm and minimize auto-rotation.

DC operation, built in circuit breaker to protectagainst mild electric surge.

Anti-tailgating. Smart lock mechanism usesproximity switch to detect rotation and effectively relock back after 1 person pass through. Also supporttime delay 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec and 60 sec.

TTS311 Catalogue