SWB300 is designed to be slimmest of allpedestrian gate. Slim form factor save space andallow you to put more gates to digest highertraffic. Stylish design to elevate premium atmosphere of any building lobby. High speed motor isused to achieve faster pass through rate.

SWB300 offer wide and full clearance opening toallow pedestrian with luggage to pass throughwith comfort.

1) Minimum maintenance

Uses brushless DC motor eliminate the need ofchanging carbon brush thus reducing maintenancework.

2) Alarm notification

High performance IR sensor is used to detectpotential attempt of tail-gating, illegal passing andpass through direction. Alarm red light and soundwill notify possible unauthorized usage as followingscenario:
a) Detect second person tailgating behind the firstperson at minimum 10 cm distance coming fromsame direction.
b) Detect second person coming from oppositedirection.
c) Detect first person did not flash card and attemptto go in

3) Double safety

Door will automatically reverse once safety IRdetected obstacle or when a small force is detectedblocking its motion. This prevents injury caused bydoor hitting people.

4) Multiple access memory

If there are 3 person flashed card, gate will count 3people to pass through before close the door.

5) Emergency evacuation

During power failure, door panel will openautomatically to allow free pass through. In theevent of emergency such as fire alarm, swingbarrier can be manually triggered more than 3 secto open permanently to allow fast evacuation.

SWB 300 Catalogue