FLB140 series is optimized to achieve the best balanceof quality, performance and affordability.

FLB140 series slim design and enhanced premium hairline polish can elevate the prestige elegant impressionwhile still effectively restricting unauthorized visitors fromyour entrance. Access control, fingerprint, bar code ortime attendance reader can easily integrated into flapbarrier.

FLB140 series is an ideal solution for railway, stadium,factory and commercial building. Its stylish design caneasily fit into any modern contemporary building.

Full opening clearance.

Flap wing retracted into the housing does not take up any space to achievemaximum passage clearance. This allowed user topass through with small and medium size luggage.

Safety function.

By default flap wing will autoreverse if IR sensor detected obstacle within the flapwing area. This avoid flap wing to accidentally hitonto to user. There is green light lining effect alongthe edge of the flap wing to ensure flap wing iseasily visible.


As a second option, flap wing can beset to pause if IR sensor detected obstacle nearbywing area during closing. Flap will resume closingonce the obstacle is removed. This is to make it verydifficult for following user to tail gate the first user.

Security function.

If unauthorized access is detectedthe green light lining on acrylic wing will become redcolor. This is to make it easy and obvious forsecurity guard to identify security breach at flapbarrier.

Auto close timer protection.

Flap will auto close if there is no pedestrian pass through after the delay time elapsed. This prevent unauthorized user fromsneaking into the building.

Robust design.

Flap barrier offers the most efficientopening and closing. Limited movement trajectory offlap wing reduces the possibility of damage byvandalism. Simplified control panel does notrequire any programming thus more stable.

Emergency evacuation.

During fire alarm, accesscontrol reader can continuously hold the dry contactto trigger all flaps to open. This eliminates the needfor additional wiring work for external trigger signalfrom fire alarm. Flap wing will automatically closeback once access reader releases the dry contact. This allows access control system to immediatelyopen the gate for fast evacuation during emergencyalarm. During power failure, flaps will automaticallyopen. Flap wing will automatically close back afterpower supply resumed.

LED indicator function.

Manual LED indicator light isavailable at both directions to indicate if the lane isavailable to use (green arrow) or lane is closed formaintenance (red cross).

Easy integration.

Reader holder bracket is availablefor installing RFID reader underneath acrylic coverplate. LCD screen, bar code scanner or fingerprintreader can be installed on top of arylic.

FLB 140 Catalogue