DBX100 is a dropbox type card collector. User candrop their visitor card into the dropbox to gain accessfor exit or entry. DBX100 can be integrated with anyaccess control reader.

DBX100 slim and small profile makes it easier to beused side-by-side with other pedestrian gate andbuilding entrance.

DBX100 design is simplified to achieve highlyaffordable solution for ticketing and visitormanagement system.

Flexible card size.

Can support maximum card widthup to 10cm. DBX100 can take in entire card withcard holder and pin clip.

Can be integrated with VMS & access control.


proximity reader can be installed inside the dropbox. Access reader just needs to provide dry contactoutput to trigger dropbox to accept the card. Validvisitor card will be accepted into collection bin andopen the gate when you integrate with your accesscontrol system. Invalid visitor card will be falls out toexit tray at front.

User friendly & easy operation.

Green light indicates the card is valid and card fall in collection box. Redlight when fully occupied and the card will berejected and falls out to exit tray in front.

Easy maintenance.

Top cover can be opened bykey. Entire machine core can be taken out easily forservicing or installing reader. Bottom door can beopened by key to take out collection bin once it isfull. Once collection bin is full, all cards (valid/invalid)card will fall out to the exit tray.

DBX 100 Catalogue